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Licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Finance, Access Credit specializes in domestic and international wire transfers and also assists with direct deposits, check cashing and currency conversion. We pride ourselves on being able to offer lower rates to all our clients so that you’re getting the most value out of your money. Visit one of our 9 branches across Israel to take advantage of our affordable and convenient services. Access Find out about the Access Credit brand here


  • Check Cashing

    Visit one of the 9 Access Credit branches to cash your Canadian, British or American checks and get immediate access to your money.
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  • International  Wire Transfers

    Transfer funds worldwide by visiting one of the 9 Access Credit branches across Israel. Our fast and affordable wire transfer services eliminate the hassle of stepping into a traditional bank.
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  • Currency Conversion

    Benefit from rates received for bulk transactions done through bank dealing rooms when you exchange your currency with Access Credit.
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  • Direct Deposit

    No more waiting in line at the bank. Visit one of the 9 Access Credit branches to quickly and easily deposit funds directly into your bank account.
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Client Testimonials

Access Credit has the friendliest service and thier rates beat the competition. Tell them Seth sent you 🙂
Seth Gross
Jerusalem, Israel