The introduction of new industrial and agricultural equipment has created a better condition for Israel’s farmers and workers. Also, the plan to bring in highly educated and skilled immigrants from the former Soviet Union to Israel in 1990 rapidly grew the standard of living for Israelites. The government’s macroeconomic policy as well as the state measure to lower the country’s high cost of living boosted Israeli living standards.

One of the major effects of Israel’s economic independence on the financial future of citizens is the massive occupational exploit of citizens from the West Bank. Occupation is one of Israel’s biggest national projects. The business ventures being funded by the West Bank will have a breakthrough effect on the economic independence of Israel and the financial future of its citizens.

Another significant factor that impacts on the economic independence of Israel is access to markets such as the Ramallah and Khan Younis. This help to provide easy access to both local and international buyers of raw materials and finished goods.

The low housing rates and affordable land are also some of the positive effects of Israel’s economic independence. The result has been a low cost of living.


The massive investment in infrastructure, mainly in the areas of the transportation, has greatly affected Israel’s economy. Advanced road networks, different transportation systems and conventional water resources for agriculture, domestic and industrial use have all played a role.


One of the primary agents of economic development is education. Israel has really invested in education through its large and independent markets. Israeli Schools are divided into four tracks: public, state-run, state funded, etc.


Israel has maintained stable universal health care services for its citizens. Regulated by the government, Israel offers top-quality medical facilities and research centers..

With the advancements discussed above, Israel’s economic independence seems to indicate that the economy is growing rapidly and implies that citizens are experiencing better living standards and more financial freedom.

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